Box Timeline

By the end of the year we will fully test and implement our service Box Timeline. What exactly is this all about?

  • All of our projects are online – pictures, communication, supporting documents, time schedules
  • Users can log on to their project in the Box Timeline via computer or smartphone
  • Interface is easy to use and very intuitive
  • Data can be viewed only by participants who can also add materials, which can not subsequently be changed
  • All project participants can create a “timeline” of the project via a computer or smartphone
  • Timeline of participants communication is graphically displayed and visible to everyone within the project
  • When someone posts a new message, image or document on the Timeline all participants receive notification by e-mail

What is accomplished by the Box Timeline service??

  • Responsibility of project participants
  • Better coordination of the project
  • Faster project completion
  • Higher quality of work