Construction Supervision

Why are we totally different from others?

Construction supervision  is for us primarily an engineering task and challenge, and only far away at the end it is a job in which we sign the building log and the final report of the Supervisory engineer. During the inspection of the construction we are using the most modern devices that help us to ensure highest  quality, which you as an investor pay and we guarantee for. Whether it is an armoring detection, non-contact infrared thermometers and sounding control at extreme temperatures in summer and winter, rebound for the non-destructive determination of bad spots in the concrete structure , thermographic cameras for control of insulation, windows and doors, flat roofs , thermal bridges , etc.

We have carefully selected our associates for Project design, whose substantial reference lists guarantee that the project will grow to exactly what you wanted , within and for the price you have initially set.

We know that you are not looking for the most expensive services , but in case you are looking for the cheapest ones , we must inform you that you are at the wrong place. However, we will gladly compensate the difference between the cheapest offer and our price by extra savings during the project, obtained by the quality engineering solutions.

The novelty we offer to all of our customers, as bundled service with  Supervision or Engineering, is a Box Timeline service. At any time, you will know exactly what is going on with your project. The only thing you need is a computer or smartphone. More about Box Timeline service  HERE.

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