Energy Certificates

If you need to create energy certificates, energy audit of your facility, home or advice on how to utilize or repair your facility in order to spend less energy – contact us with confidence.  We have the ability to use last generation of the thermal imagers during the inspections, and thus can provide you information on real life condition of your property and energy you spend, not just a numerical estimate. The recommended energy savings are conducted in areas where the most energy is lost which enables  the shortest return on your investment.

With the given current energy rating of your property, we are also able to further provide you a complete study and financing concepts as well as feasibility study project on the premises. All in order to achieve maximum savings relative to investment , with short return period of the investment.

With such an approach, energy audit and making energy certificate is not a cost but an investment that will return quickly. If you need only a “paper” , now that you have reat it all, we have to tell you that you are at the wrong place.

Authority number of the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning: P-457/2013

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